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Hawaii Flag
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The Hawaii flag is red, white, and blue. It is known as Ka Hae Hawai?i. It is the only flag of any of the fifty states to feature a Union Jack. It has also been flown as a part of various governments including when it was a territory, republic, kingdom, and protectorate.

The banner has eight horizontal stripes, which represent the state’s eight major islands. The Hawaii flag is a hybrid between those of the United States and the United Kingdom. One theory suggests that this may be the case because during the early 1800’s King Kamehameha I, flew both flags at certain times, but it was feared that flying the flag of one nation would offend the other. His solution was to create the hybrid.

July 31st is celebrated as Flag Day in Hawaii.

Here are some quick facts about the state of Hawaii.

Population: 1,211,601
Year of Admission into the Union: 1959
Nickname(s): The Aloha State
Motto(s): The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness
Capital City: Honolulu
Largest City: Honolulu

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