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Haiti Flag
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The Haiti flag has the proportional ratio 3:5 and the design was officially adopted on February 25, 1986. It is a bicolor flag, which consists of two horizontal bars, one blue and one red. The colors were taken from the French flag (minus the white, which was taken out by revolutionaries in 1803).

The Haiti flag also features the nation’s coat of arms in the center. It is made up of flags, cannons, and a palm tree. The banner is similar to that of Liechtenstein, which was found out in 1936 and this caused Liechtenstein to make modifications. When the country was under a dictatorship from 1964–1986, it has a red and black banner, instead of the red and blue.

The nation’s civil ensign does not contain the coat of arms. The Haiti flag belongs to a nation that is located on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea. The country gained independence from France in 1804.

The nation’s largest and capital city is Port-au-Prince. The Haiti flag belongs to a nation whose national motto is “Unity makes Strength”. The national anthem is title “La Dessalinienne”.

Some interesting facts about the Haiti:

religion: Roman Catholicism 80.1%, Protestant 15.9% (Baptist 10%, Pentecostal 4%, others 2%), none 1.1%, others 2.9%, Voodoo
languages: French, Creole
population: 8,924,516

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