The Greenland Flag

Greenland Flag
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The Greenland flag was adopted on June 21, 1985. It is a red and white banner that was designed by Thue Christiansen. It consists of two horizontal bands with a circle that is slightly left of center. The proportion of the rectangle is 2:3.

A Greenland flag was proposed in 1973 by a local newspaper, but most people still preferred the Dannebrog. Most of the designs submitted contained Nordic Crosses. In 1978, the country was granted home rule by Denmark, and a national banner was called for.

The current design won by a vote of fourteen to eleven. The Greenland flag, in some ways, depicts a setting sun. The color white represents ice. Stamps were printed to celebrate the tenth anniversary of adopting the design.

The largest and capital city is Godthab or Nuuk.

Some interesting facts about Greenland:

religion: Evangelical Lutheran
languages: Greenlandic, Danish, English
population: 56,398

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