The Gibraltar Flag

Gibraltar Flag
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The Gibraltar flag was adopted on November 8, 1982. It is red and white and the rectangle’s proportion is 1:2. The coat of arms of the nation is featured in the middle.

The Gibraltar flag is very popular among its citizens and is a symbol of nationalism. The design has undergone several changes throughout its history. It often contained an element of the British Union Jack.

The nation is a British overseas territory located off of the Iberian Peninsula.

The largest and capital city is Gibraltar. The Switzerland flag belongs to a nation whose national motto or slogan is “No enemy shall expel us” and whose national anthem is “God Save The Queen”.

Some interesting facts about Gibraltar:

religion: Roman Catholicism 78.1%, Church of England 7%, other Christians 3.3%, Islam 4.1%, Judaism2.2%, Hinduism 1.7%, other or unspecified 0.8%, none 2.8%
languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
population: 28,013

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