The German Flag

Germany Flag
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The German flag was adopted on May 23, 1949. It is a tricolor banner that consists of three horizontal bars that are black, yellow, and red. The proportions of the rectangle are 3:5.

The German flag first appeared in some form during the early 1800’s and gained in popularity during the 1848 revolution. It was adopted by the Weimar Republic, and subsequently by both East and West Germany after World War II. The colors were not always red, yellow, and black. They were once red, white, and black under the North German Confederation. The red, white, and black tricolor banner was also used by the German empire and the Nazis.

The state flag and war flag are nearly the same, except for the fact that they portray the German coat of arms in the middle of the banner. The German flag should be flown on eight specific days according to federal decree. One such day is Constitution Day, which is May 23rd.

The largest city and capital city of the country is Berlin. The German flag belongs to a country whose national motto or slogan is “Unity and Justice and Freedom” and whose national anthem is “Das Lied der Deutschen”.

Some interesting facts about Germany:

religion: Protestant 34%, Roman Catholicism 34%, Islam 3.6%, unaffiliated/other 28.4%
languages: German
population: 82,369,550

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