The Germany Coat of Arms

Germany Coat of Arms
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The Germany coat of arms is one of the oldest insignias still in use in the world today. It is red, black, and gold. It depicts an eagle. Sometime in the very early 1200’s it was used as the imperial banner, by may date back earlier to the time of Charlemagne.

The Germany coat of arms was used in the Holy Roman Empire, but the eagle was two-headed and the current emperor’s coat of arms were included on the eagles chest. After the fall of the Holy Roman Empire, the design was used in various forms for the German Confederation, the German Empire, and the Weimar Republic.

The eagle is used in modern day Germany in various forms. One design is referred to as the “fat hen” because the eagle appears wider. The Germany coat of arms also appears on German euro coins. The eagle is black with red talons and a red beak. It is set on a gold background.

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