The France Emblem or Coat of Arms

France Emblem
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The France emblem has been used since 1953. It is not an official emblem of the nation. It was designed in 1912 by Jules-Clément Chaplain and redesigned by Robert Louis by request of the United Nations, who needed a coat of arms for France to be displayed along with those of other countries.

The France emblem is not a coat of arms. This is very unique. This happened because heraldry and coats of arms were considered to be for the aristorcracy, or the Ancien Régime, which France wanted to distance itself from.

It contains a shield with the letters RF, which stands for République Francaise. It contains an oak branch for wisdom, and a laurel branch for victory. The France emblem also depicts a fasces, which is an axe bundled in rods of wood, a Roman symbol of justice.

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