The Florida Flag

Florida Flag
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The Florida Flag was approved by the state’s citizens in 1900. It has a white background that is intersected by a red saltire. The state’s seal is depicted in the center.

The Florida flag was once just the state seal featured on a white background. However, to avoid confusion with a flag of truce, the red saltire was added. This changed was made by Governor Francis P. Fleming just before the turn of the century.

Some believe the design was inspired by Saint Patrick's Flag or the Burgundian cross. Other holds that the Florida flag was inspired by the Confederate Battle flag, but this theory does not hold much weight.

Here are some quick facts about the state of Florida.

Population: 15,982,482
Year of Admission into the Union: 1845
Nickname(s): The Sunshine State
Motto(s): In God We Trust
Capital City: Tallahassee
Largest City: Jacksonville

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