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The Finland flag is two colors: white and blue. Known as the Siniristilippu (or Blue cross flag), it features a Scandinavian Cross like many of its neighbors. It was adopted in 1918 and its proportions are 11:18

The Finland flag has colors that symbolize something: the white represents the snow and the Finnish nights, and the blue symbolizes water and sky. The state version of the design features the nationís coat of arms in the intersection of the cross. The design was first used by a yacht club in 1861 known as Nylandska Jaktklubben.

The flag was picked from a competition shortly after the nation gained independence in 1917. It is illegal to remove the Finland flag from its pole without consent.

The largest city and capital city of the country is Helsinki. The Iceland flag belongs to a nation whose economy is heavily based on electronics and machinery. The nation also has large amounts of timber and many minerals.

Some interesting facts about Finland:

religion: Lutheran Church of Finland 82.6%, Orthodox 1.0%, other Christian 1.0%, atheist 15.1%, other 0.2%
languages: Finnish 91.6% (the official language), Swedish 5.4% (official), others 3% (including Sami and Russian)
population: 5,244,751

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