The Finnish Coat of Arms

Finland Coat of Arms
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The Finnish Coat of Arms dates back to sometime around 1580. In its current form, it has been adopted in 1978. It depicts a gold lion with a crown on a red shield. The lion is carrying a sword and walking over a saber. There are nine silver roses as well.

The Finnish Coat of Arms was thought to have originated from the grand-ducal coat of arms when John III became Grand Duke of Finland in 1577. Lions and coats of arms became widely used in Europe during the 1100ís, when Finland was part of the Swedish Kingdom. The lion was first used in Sweden on King Erik Knutssonís seal.

It is used on the state version of the nationís flag. The Finnish coat of arms is considered by some to be one of the most well designed coats of arms in the world. Cities and regions in Finland do not use the heraldic lion, leaving it to be used nationally.

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