The El Salvador Flag

El Salvador Flag
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The El Salvador flag has proportions of 189:335 and was adopted on September 27, 1972. It was originally made in 1822, was replaced in 1865, and then reinstated in 1912. It is based on the banners of Argentina and the United Provinces of Central America.

The El Salvador flag consists of three horizontal bars. The middle bar is white and stands for peace. The two blue bars represent the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, which border the country. There are two versions of the banner. One bears the coat of arms in the middle, whereas the other has the words DIOS UNION LIBERTAD (which means God, Union, and Liberty).

A design that was modeled after the USA’s Old Glory flag was starting in 1865, but was later abandoned. The El Salvador flag is widely used at sporting events. The country is industrializing quickly, and has one of the largest economies in the region.

The nation’s largest and capital city is San Salvador. The El Salvador flag belongs to a nation whose national motto is “God, Union, Liberty”. The currency used is the US dollar.

Some interesting facts about the El Salvador:

religion: Roman Catholicism 83%, other 17%
languages: Spanish, Nahua
population: 7,066,412

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