The East Timor Flag

East Timor Flag
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The East Timor flag was officially adopted in 2002, but has been in use since 1975. It has the ratio 1:2. The background is red. On the right side, there is a yellow triangle, with a black triangle inside of it. Inside of the black triangle there is a white star.

The East Timor flag is rich in symbolism. The black represents overcoming obscurantism. The yellow represents its colonial history. The red represents liberation. The white represents peace.

There have been other proposed designs. The East Timor flag is part of a country that became independent from Portugal in 1975. It is located in Southeast Asia.

The largest city and capital city is Dili. The East Timor flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem or song is titled “Pátria. The currency is the US Dollar. The national motto is “Unity, Action, Progress".

Some interesting facts about East Timor:
religion: Roman Catholicism 98.1%, Islam 1%, Protestant .9%
languages: Tetum, Portuguese , Indonesian, others, English
population: 1,108,901

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