The Djibouti Flag

Djibouti Flag
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The Djibouti flag was adopted officially on June 27, 1977. It has the ratio 4:7. A white triangle is located on the left side of the banner. Inside of this, is a small red star. The rest of the flag is divided horizontally. The top part is blue. The bottom part is green.

The Djibouti flag is rich in meaning. The five points in the star stand for the five areas where Somalis live. The color green stands for earth. The color blue represents sea and sky. The white stands for peace, and the red symbolizes unity.

The nation gained independence from France in 1977. The Djibouti flag is part of a country that is located in Africa, right next to the Arabian Peninsula. It is considered a parliamentary republic.

The capital city and largest city is Djibouti. The currency is called the Franc.

Some interesting facts about the Djibouti:

religion: Islam 94.1%, Christianity 5.9%
languages: Arabic, French, Somali, Afar
population: 506,345

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