The Czech Republic Flag

Czech Republic Flag
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The Czech Republic flag is exactly the same as the Czechoslovakian flag. The new republic decided to adopt this old design (originally adopted on March 30th, 1920), whereas the Slovak Republic wanted its own design. The colors are red, white, and blue, and the proportion of the rectangle is 2:3.

The Czech Republic flag was most likely designed by a worker of the Department of Home Affairs, Jaroslav Kursa. The red and white colors were chosen to pay homage to the Bohemia coat of arms. Because the design was so similar to that of Poland and Austria, a blue triangle was added.

The banner was often used, especially during the Velvet Revolution in1989, and during the Prague Spring in 1968. However, the Czech Republic flag was not used during the Second World War. The design also serves as the civil and naval ensign.

The largest city and capital in the country is Prague. The Belarus flag belongs to a nation whose national motto or saying is “Truth Prevails”.

Some interesting facts about the Czech Republic:

religion: Roman Catholicism 26.9%, Protestant 2.1%, other 3.2%, unaffiliated 58.9% unspecified 8.9%
languages: Czech 94.8%, Slovak 2.1%, other 2.2%, unidentified 0.9%
population: 10,220,923

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