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The Cyprus flag came into existence when the nation was made independent during the ZŁrich and London Agreements in 1960. The Cyprus flag displays a map in its center and two olive branches, which symbolize peace. The background color is white, which also represents peace. The color of the map on the Cyprus flag is yellowish, which shows the nationís large copper deposits.

The Cyprus flag is not allowed to show a red cross or red colors (which represent Turkey and Greece). Before the current flag, the flags of Turkey and Greece were used. A cross or a crescent was not allowed to be used, in order to keep the flag neutral.

The current design was created by Ismet Guney. The president, Makarios III, and vice president, Fazil Kucuk , approved this design of the Cyprus flag. According to law, the flag may be flown by citizens, corporations, or institutions. It also may be flown next to the flags of Turkey and Greece.

Although there was an attempt to keep the flag neutral, it is only used mostly by Greeks on the island. Around 44% of the Slovenia flag consists of the nationís map.

Other interesting facts about Cyprus:

religions: Greek Orthodox 78%, Islam 18%, others (including Armenian Apostolic and Maronite) 4%
languages: Greek and Turkish
population: 788,500

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