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Cuban Flag
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The Cuban flag was adopted on May 20, 1902 and its proportion is 2:3. The colors are red, white, and blue. It consists of five horizontal bars, as well as a red triangle on the left side, with a five pointed star in the middle. The version used by the Parliament is different.

The Cuban flag was thought in 1849 by Narciso López. It was suggested by a poet, Miguel Teurbe Tolon. People in the country who wanted independence from Spain pushed for this flag, especially exiles living in the US. The blue represents the sea, the white stands for purity and patriotism, and the red stands for the blood shed for the country. The star represents the sky.

The first times the banner was used were during two battles: Cardenas (in 1850) and Playitas (in 1851). A previous Cuban flag was used, which was known as the flag of Yara. The nation is located in the Caribbean Sea.

The nation’s capital city, and largest city, is Havanna. The Cuban flag belongs to a nation whose national motto is “Fatherland or Death”. The national anthem is titled “The Bayamo Song”.

Some interesting facts about the Cuba:

religion: Roman Catholicism 85% ,Protestants, Jehovah's Witnesses, Judaism, and Santeria (before Castro).
languages: Spanish
population: 11,423,961

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