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The Costa Rica flag was adopted on November 27, 1906. The proportions are 3:5. The colors are red, white, and blue. It was designed by Pacífica Fernandez, who was inspired by the flag of France.

The Costa Rica flag has a basic design which was used since 1848, when the country broke off from the Federal Republic of Central America. The state version of the banner also contains the nation’s coat of arms on the left side.

The blue stands for perseverance, opportunities, sky, and idealism. The white represents wisdom, peace, and happiness. The red symbolizes the warmth and generosity of the people, as well as the blood of martyrs. The Costa Rica flag is similar to the flags of Thailand and North Korea. The country shares borders with Panama and Nicaragua.

The country’s capital city, and largest city, is San Jose. The Costa Rica flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem is titled “Noble homeland, your beautiful flag”.

Some interesting facts about the Costa Rica:

religion: Roman Catholicism 76.2%, Evangelical 13.8%, Jehovahs Witnesses 1.4%, other Protestants 0.6%, others 4.9%, no religion 3.1%
languages: Spanish, English
population: 4,195,932

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