The Colombian Flag

Colombia Flag
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The Colombian flag is a tricolor flag. It consists of three horizontal bars. They are colored yellow, blue and red. The yellow bar is located and the top and it is larger than the other two bars. The ratio of the banner is 2:3.

The Colombian flag was officially adopted on November 26, 1861. The red stands for the blood of those who fought for freedom. The yellow stands for the land and sun. The blue stands for the water.

The design was created by Francisco de Miranda, who took the idea from one of the flags that Christopher Columbus flew on one of his ships. The Colombian flag also has a naval version, which features the coat of arms in the center. The nation is located in the north of South America.

The largest city and capital in the country is Bogota. The Colombian flag belongs to a country whose national motto is “Liberty and Order”. The national anthem is title “Oh, Gloria Inmarcesible!”.

Some interesting facts about Colombia:

religion: Roman Catholicism 90.1%, others 9.9%
language: Spanish
population: 45,013,801

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