The Cayman Islands Flag

Cayman Islands Flag
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The Cayman Islands flag was adopted in 1959. It has the proportions 1:2. It is a blue background and has the Union Jack in the upper left corner. The nation’s coat of arms is situated on the left side of the flag. Before this banner was used, the British flag was used.

The Cayman Islands flag has a slightly different version before 1999. The coat of arms was enclosed in a white circle. The civil flag used a red background. The Governor’s banner uses the Union Jack with the country’s coat of arms in the middle.

The island nation is located in the Caribbean Sea, and it is a British overseas territory. The Cayman Islands flag belongs to a nation who gained freedom from Jamaica in 1962. Christopher Columbus was the first European to see the islands, when he viewed them on his final voyage.

The country’s capital city, and largest city, is George Town. The Cayman Islands flag belongs to a country whose national motto is “He hath founded it upon the seas”. The title of the national anthem is “God Save The Queen”.

Some interesting facts about the Cayman Islands:

religion: United Church (Presbyterian/Congregational), Baptist, Anglican, Church of God, other Protestants, Roman Catholicism
languages: English
population: 45,023

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