The Canadian Coat of Arms

Canada Coat of Arms
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The Canadian coat of arms was adopted in 1921. It is similar to the coat of arms of the UK. It is officially known as “Arms of His/Her Majesty in Right of Canada”. It features a white lion and a golden unicorn holding up a shield.

The Canadian coat of arms has a shield with five basic elements. It contains three heraldic lions, which stand for England. It also contains the red lion rampant banner, which represents Scotland. It has a harp, which is a symbol of Ireland. It also has three fleurs-de-lis, which represent France. The last and bottom section features three maple leaves, which stand for Canada itself.

Several other elements are included. One such element is a banner with the Latin motto “mari usque ad mare” printed on it. This means from sea to sea. The Canadian coat of arms also includes a crown, ribbon, and helm.

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