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The British flag was officially adopted on January 1st, 1801. The colors of the banner are red, white, and blue. The proportion of the rectangle is 1:2 and it is commonly referred to as the Union Jack.

The British flag is made up of the red cross of St. George (who is the patron saint of England) outlined in white. This is superimposed on the Saint Patrick Knights Flag (he is the patron saint of Ireland). This is then superimposed on the St. Andrew’s Cross (he is the patron saint of Scotland).

The Union Jack is also used as a war and state flag, although in different proportions. The British flag should not be flown upside down (unless as a distress signal) as some see this as offensive. It is flown on many days, including Europe Day and St. Patrick’s Day.

The largest and capital city of the nation is London. The British flag belongs to a country whose motto is “God and my right”. The national anthem or song is titled “God Save The Queen”.

Some interesting facts about the United Kingdom:

religion: Christianity (Anglican, Roman Catholicism, Methodist, Presbyterian) 71.5%, Islam 2.8%, Hinduism 1.1%, other 1.5%, unspecified or none 23.1%
languages: English, Welsh, Gaelic (a Scottish form)
population: 60,943,923

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