The Brazil Flag

Brazil Flag
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The Brazil Flag has a green background. In the middle is a yellow rhombus. Within this shape is a blue circle. This circle contains stars and a banner that reads “Ordem e Progresso”, which means "Order and Progress".

The Brazil flag was adopted on November 19, 1889. It had 21 stars. The 27 star version was adopted on May 11, 1992. It is sometimes called the Auriverd. The design was created by Raimundo Teixeira Mendes, Manuel Pereira Reis, Miguel Lemos, and Décio Vilares.

Nine different constellations can be found in the pattern on the stars. The color green on the Brazil flag come from the colors of the House of Braganza, of which Pedro I, an emperor of the Brazilian Empire, was a part of. The yellow comes from the Habsburg Family, which his wife was a part of.

The capital city is Brasilia. The largest city is Sao Paulo. The Brazil flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem is titled “Hino Nacional Brasileiro”. The national motto or slogan is “Order and Progress” The currency used is the Real.

Some interesting facts about Brazil:
religion: Roman Catholicism (mainly nominal) 73.7%, Protestant 15.3%, Spiritualist 1.4%, voodoo or Bantu 0.2%, other/unspecified 2.0%, no religion 7.4%
languages: Portuguese is the main language. Some less common languages include Spanish, German, Italian, English, Japanese, Amerindian dialects
population: 191,908,602

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