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Bolivia Flag
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The Bolivia Flag has the ratio 15:22. It is tricolor banner that consists of three horizontal stripes. The colors are red, green, and yellow. The green stands for fertility, the yellow stands for mineral resources, and the red stands for bravery.

The Bolivia flag is sometimes depicted with the coat of arms in the center. The country may also have a dual flag, known as the Wiphala, if a national referendum passes a constitution in 2008. The country’s naval ensign is set on a blue background, with the banner only being in the top left corner.

The nation is a republic and was granted independence from Spain in 1825. The Bolivia flag is part of a country that was named after Simon Bolivar. The nation is landlocked.

The capital city is Sucre and La Paz. The largest city is Santa Cruz The Bolivia flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem is titled “Bolivianos, el hado propicio”. The national motto or slogan is “Unity Is Strength!” The currency used is the Boliviano.

Some interesting facts about Bolivia:

religion: Roman Catholicism 95.1%, Protestant 4.9%
languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara
population: 9,247,852

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