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Bhutan Flag
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The Bhutan flag has the ratio 2:3. The banner consists of an orange section and a yellow section that are divided diagonally. In the middle, a white dragon is located. It has been used since the 1800’s, but in 1960, it reached its current form.

The Bhutan flag has the dragon, which is known as the Druk. In its claws, the dragon holds jewels. The yellow stands for the secular monarchy. The orange stands for the Buddhist religion. At one time, the dragon was green.

The banner is only one of two in the world that depicts a dragon (Wales is the other country). The Bhutan flag also makes a great use of the color orange, which is also rare in terms of national designs. The country is a landlocked country in South Asia.

The largest city and capital in the country is Thimphu. The Bhutan flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem or song is “The Thunder Dragon Kingdom”. The currencies used are the Ngultrum and Indian rupee.

Some interesting facts about Bhutan:

religion: Lamaistic Buddhism 74.9%, Indian/Nepalese Hinduism 25.1%
languages: Dzongkha, Tibetan, Nepalese
population: 682,343

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