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Benin Flag
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The Benin flag was originally adopted in 1959, but was readopted on August 1, 1990, after the change from socialism. The ratio is 2:3. The banner consists of two horizontal bars of equal length, and one vertical bar that is located on the left side. Yellow stands for wealth. Green stands for hope. Red stands for courage.

The Benin flag has the Pan-African colors. The previous banner was all green with a red star. The nation gained independence from France in 1960. It is located in west Africa.

The capital city is Porto Novo. The largest city is Cotonou. The national motto is “Fellowship, Justice, and Labor”. The national anthem is titled “The dawn of a new day”. The Kwanza is used as the currency.

Some interesting facts about the Benin:
religion: Christianity 42.9%, Islam 24.3%, Vodoun 17.2%, others 15.6%
languages: French, Fon, Yoruba
population: 8,294,953

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