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Belize Flag
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The Belize flag dates back to 1950, when the nation was known as British Honduras, but the current design was officially adopted on September 21, 1981, when the country gained its independence from the United Kingdom. It is used as the civil and state ensign, and its proportion is 2:3.

The Belize flag is red and blue. These colors represent two political parties: the People's United Party and the United Democratic Party. The coat of arms is located in the center of the flag.

The design is unique for two interesting reasons. First, the Belize flag is the only national flag to depict people on it. Second, it is the only banner to have twelve colors, which is three more than any other state banner in the entire world.

The country’s capital city is Belmopan. The largest city is Belize City. The Belize flag is part of a nation whose national motto is “Under the Shade I Flourish". The national anthem or song is titled “Land of the Free”. The royal anthem is “God Save The Queen”.

Some interesting facts about the Belize:

religion: Roman Catholicism 49.7%, Protestants 26.9%, others 14.1%, no religion 9.3%
languages: Spanish 46.1%, German 3.4%, English 4.0% (the official language), Creole 32.8%, Mayan 8.8%, Garifuna 3.3%, other/unknown 1.6%
population: 301,270

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