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Bahamas Flag
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The Bahamas flag was officially adopted on July 10, 1973 and it has a1:2 ratio. The flag consists of three bars: two blue and one yellow one in the middle. There is a black triangle on the left side.

The Bahamas flag has some symbolism. The yellow stripe in the middle stands for the sun. The two blue stripes stand for the sea. The black triangle represents unity and determination.

The civil and naval ensigns are different and contain the color red. The Bahamas flag belongs to a nation that is located in the Caribbean Sea. The country gained full independence in 1973 (it had been self-governing since 1964).

The country’s largest city is Nassau, which also happens to be the capital city. The Aruba flag is part of a nation whose national motto is officially “Forward, Upward, Onward Together". The national anthem or song is titled “March On, Bahamaland”. The royal anthem is “God Save The Queen”.

Some interesting facts about the Bahamas:

religion: Baptists 35.7%, Anglicans 14.9 %, Pentecostals 8.1%, Roman Catholicism 13.5%, Church of God 4.7%, Methodists 4.2%, other Christians 15.2%, none/unspecified/other 3.7%
languages: English, Creole
population: 307,462

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