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Austria Flag
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The Austrian flag is red and white. It consists of three horizontal bars. The design is one red bar, which is on top of a white bar, which is itself on top of another red bar. This design is one of the oldest in use in the world (the very oldest being Denmark).

The Austrian flag has a somewhat interesting origins legend. It is said that the design was created by Duke Leopold V of Austria. During a tough and lengthy battle he was fighting in during the Crusades, his white clothing had become drenched in blood. However, when he removed his belt, the middle part of his clothing remained white.

The civil flag’s ratio is 2:3 and the state ensign features the nation’s coat of arms as well. The Austrian flag has served as a motif on many post war coins. The coat of arms features a black eagle.

The largest city and capital in the country is Vienna. The Austrian flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem or song is “Land of Mountains, Land on the River”.

Some interesting facts about Austria:

religion: Roman Catholicism 73.5%, Protestant 4.8%, Islam 4.2%, unspecified 2.1%, others 3.4%, none 12%
languages: German (the official language) 88.5%, Turkish 2.4%, Serbian 2.1%, Croatian (it is official in Burgenland) 1.7%, others (including Slovene and Hungarian) 5.3%
population: 8,205,521

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