The Australian Flag

Australia Flag
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The Australian flag is a deep shade of blue and displays the flag of the UK in the upper hoist-side quadrant. The Australian flag also displays the Commonwealth or Federation Star, which represents the colonization of Australia in 1901. The star on the flag of Australia has one point for each of the six original states and one that represents all of Australia’s internal and external territories.

The Australian flag has a representation of the Southern Cross constellation. This is depicted in white with one small five-point star and four larger seven-pointed stars.

The current design was chosen as part of a competition to design a flag. There were five designers involved in the generation of the flag and each received monetary compensation for their contribution.

September 3rd is National Flag Day for Australia. This is to commemorate the first flying of the Australian flag on September 3rd 1901.

Other interesting facts about Australia:

religions: Catholicism 26.2%, Anglican 20.7%, other Christians 20.5%, Buddhist 1.9%, Islam 1.5%, others/unspecified 13.9%, none 15.3%
languages: Australian English, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Arrernte, Kala Lagaw Ya, Tiwi, Walmajarri
population: 20,601,958

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