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Aruba Flag
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The Aruba flag has a ratio of 2:3 and was officially adopted on March 18, 1976. It consists of two yellow bars that extend horizontally across a light blue background. Above the bars is a red star outlined in white.

The Aruba flag has colors with meanings. The blue represents the sea, the sky, hope, peace, the past, and the future. The yellow stripes represent tourism and gold. The star has four points, which stand for the four main languages spoken in the country. The red symbolizes blood spilled for the nation. The white around the red symbolizes honesty and purity.

Fairs and carnivals are held on Flag Day, which is March 18th. The Aruba flag belongs to a nation who gained it’s independence from the Netherland Antilles in 1986. It is located off the coast of Venezuela.

The country’s largest city is Oranjestad, which also happens to be the capital city. The Aruba flag is part of a nation whose national motto is officially “One happy Island". The national anthem or song is titled “Aruba Dushi Tera”.

Some interesting facts about the Aruba:

religion: Roman Catholicism 81.9%, Protestant 8.1%, others (including Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Confucian,) 10%
languages: Papiamento 66.4%, English 7.6%, Dutch 5.9%, Spanish 12.5%, others 2.1%, unspecified/ unknown 5.4%
population: 112,213

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