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Argentina Flag
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The Argentina Flag has the proportion 9:14 and was adopted on February 27, 1812. It consists of three horizontal bands of equal height. The top and bottom bars are light blue, whereas the middle bar is white. The yellow Sun of May was put in the center in 1818.

When the Argentina flag has the sun in the middle, it is called the Official Ceremonial Flag. When it does not, it is called the Ornamental flag. It was designed by Manuel Belgrano. The design inspired many flags of nations in South America and Central America.

The colors of the banner are thought to have several different meanings. Some believe that the blue represents the sky, the white represents the clouds, and the yellow represents the sun. Another theory of what the colors of the Argentina flag symbolize is that the blue stands for the Virgin Mary and that the white represents silver. Yet another theory believes the colors are based on the House of Bourbon.

The largest city and capital city is Buenos Aires. The Argentina flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem is titled “Himno Nacional Argentino”. The national motto or slogan is “In Union and Liberty”. The currency used is the Peso.

Some interesting facts about Argentina:

religion: Roman Catholicism 92% (mostly nominal), Protestant 2.1%, Jewish 1.9%, other religions make up 4%
languages: Spanish (the official language), Italian, German, English, and French
population: 40,677,351

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