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Angola Flag 1975
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The Angola flag consists of two horizontal bars of equal size, which are red and black. It was adopted officially on November 11, 1975. A yellow cog wheel, machete, and star are located in the center.

The Angola flag is full of meaning and symbols. The wheel stands for industry workers. The machete stands for peasants. The color black represents Africa, and red stands for socialism. A much different flag was proposed in 2003, but has not yet been ratified.

The nation gained independence from Portugal in 1975. The Angola flag belongs to a country that is a presidential republic. The nation is located in southwestern Africa.

The capital city and largest city is Luanda. The national motto is “Unity Provides Strength”. The national anthem is titled “Forward Angola!”. The Kwanza is used as the currency.

Some interesting facts about the Angola:
religion: indigenous belief systems 46.9%, Roman Catholicism 38.1%, Protestants 15.0%
languages: Bantu, Portuguese
population: 12,531,461

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