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The American flag was originally adopted on June 14, 1777. The current version with 50 stars was adopted on July 4, 1960. The design consists of thirteen alternating horizontal white and red bars. In the upper left hand corner is a blue field with fifty white stars. It is thought to have been created by Betsy Ross.

The American flag has a ratio of 10:19 and it is also commonly called Old Glory or the Star Spangled Banner. Some people believe the stars represent heaven, the color red represents England, the white represents liberty, and the alternating stripes represent separation from Great Britain. The banner is commonly flown with a golden fringe.

There are around 14 different days when the banner is recommended to be displayed. The American flag has undergone many changes since the Revolutionary War. As more states entered the union, more stars were added. Many nations have based their flags on Old Glory. Some of these include Malaysia and Liberia.

The country’s largest city is New York. The capital is Washington DC. The Puerto Rico flag is part of a nation whose national motto is officially “In God We Trust". The unofficial motto is “From Many, One”. The national anthem or song is titled “The Star Spangled Banner”, which was written by Francis Scott Key.

Some interesting facts about the United States:

religion: Protestant 51.2%, Roman Catholicism 23.8%, Mormon 1.8%, Judaism 1.7%, other Christians 1.6%, Buddhism 0.8%, Islam 0.7%, others/unspecified 2.2%, unaffiliated groups12.2%, no religion 4.0%
languages: English 82.0%, Spanish 10.8%, Asian and Pacific Island 2.6%, other Indo/European 3.9%, others 0.7%.
population: 304,715,042

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