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Albania Flag
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The Albanian flag was adopted officially on April 7, 1992. The proportion of the rectangle is 5:7. It consists of a red background with a black two-headed eagle in the center. It is the only red and black flag of a national state.

The Albanian Flag is supposedly based on a seal that was used by Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg, an Albanian who led a revolt against the Ottoman Empire. Previous versions were also used before the current one, such as that of the Kingdom of Albania, whose version also included the Helmet of Skanderbeg.

The eagle represents the nation’s lack of submission to foreign conquerors. The Albanian flag may have helped revive the Navarrese arrano beltza. Kosovo’s presidential banner is also based on the Albanian design.

The country’s capital city, and largest city, is Tirana. The Albanian flag belongs to a country whose national motto is “You Albania give me honor, you give me the name Albanian”. The title of the national anthem is “United Around the Flag”.

Some interesting facts about the Albania:

religion: Islam 70%, Albanian Orthodoxy 20%, Roman Catholicism 10%
languages: Albanian, Greek, Vlach, Romani, Slavic
population: 3,619,781

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